Lidl release their Christmas advert for 2022

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With Christmas just around the corner, Britons need more help than ever with their grocery shopping as food prices continue to soar. Supermarkets, such as Lidl, know that this is one of the most expensive periods of the year for most families.

With just over two weeks to go until Christmas, Lidl has announced it is cutting the prices of its vegetables to just 19p.

This means that a family of six can enjoy a full Christmas dinner for less than £16.50.

The retailer has reduced the price of multiple products, including its British Carrots, British Parsnips, British Mini Roasts, British Swede, and British Brussels Sprouts – all to 19p.

Additionally, savvy shoppers can pick up a great value turkey, Yorkshire puddings, stuffing, and gravy granules to complete their Christmas dinner.

In essence, Lidl has everything households need now to cook a fantastic Christmas dinner.

Ryan McDonnell, Chief Executive Officer at Lidl GB, commented on the price reductions.

He said: “This year, like always, we want to help shoppers enjoy the highest quality products for the best value.

“We know everyone wants to enjoy a special Christmas meal together, which is why we’re offering Christmas roast dinner for less than £2.75 per head. As we look ahead to next year, we remain committed to offering the best value to customers up and down the country.”

Full list of reduced products at Lidl

Braemoor Small British Self-Basting Turkey with Giblets – £13.49

Simply Yorkshire puddings – 50p

Potatoes – 19p

Parsnips – 19p

Carrots – 19p

Sprouts – 19p

Swede – 19p

Newgate sage and onion stuffing mix – 43p

Other supermarkets are also promoting their Christmas dinner ingredients. At Tesco, the supermarket promises “Christmas dinner for five under £25” on its website.

Its frozen roast potatoes are only 71p, while a packet of Yorkshire puddings cost 50p. A huge 1kg bag of frozen carrots costs £1.09, while a 1kg bag of frozen garden peas costs £1.25.

Aldi’s Christmas dinner can feed six for less than £25, according to the supermarket. Its Small British Turkey Crown costs £13.99, a packet of 12 pigs in blankets costs £1.99, and a 1kg bag of frozen roast potatoes costs 95p.

Like Tesco, a 1kg bag of frozen Brussels sprouts costs £1.09, and a 600g bag of honey glazed parsnips costs £1.65.

At Asda, a small British turkey (typically 3.25kg) costs £16.25 and serves four to seven people. As for sides, a 1kg bag of carrots costs 49p, a packet of 12 frozen pigs in blankets costs £2.50, and a 2.5kg bag of Maris Piper potatoes costs £1.49.

In other Lidl news, the supermarket has launched its Christmas sandwiches ahead of the festive season.

Both sandwiches make for an affordable festive lunchtime meal, with the Turkey Feast Sandwich priced at £1.99 and the Brie & Cranberry Sandwich at £1.89. Also available is the Turkey and the Falafel & Cranberry Wraps for foodies who want something a little lighter.

Christmas sandwiches are available at other supermarkets too. Available at Aldi is the Butter Eat & Go Deep Filled Turkey Feast, priced at just £1.99. This is the ultimate festive treat, packed with turkey breast, smoked bacon, pork, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce.

The supermarket also has a vegetarian sandwich, which is the Plant Menu Limited Edition Vegan Festive Feast, costing £1.79, as well as other festive treats. The veggie sandwich contains parsnip fritter, chunky cranberry chutney, and sage and onion mayonnaise. 

These include the deluxe Specially Selected Butter Basted Turkey With Pigs Under Blanket Sandwich On Malted Bloomer Bread, £2.49, and the Eat & Go Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich, £1.99.

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