Lucky Charms New Gold Coins Cereal

If you were hoping for a little more luck in the new year, Lucky Charms is here to help—starting with your breakfast. 

In preparation for Lucky the Leprechaun's birthday (i.e. St. Patrick’s Day), Lucky Charms cereal is going entirely green and gold. A new, limited-edition marshmallow is coming into the magical mix, and this one's exactly what you’d hope to find at the end of a rainbow (or cereal box). 

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Select Original Lucky Charms and Chocolate Lucky Charms boxes will be filled with pots of gold, green shamrocks, and the latest addition, Lucky’s gold coins. The new candy-like confections are bright gold coin with a green star, but they’ll taste exactly like the other marshmallow shapes you know and love (and can buy in bulk on Amazon, just sayin’). 

New marshmallows aren’t the only thing these exclusive boxes have to offer. On the back of the packaging, you’ll find Leprechaun Trap designs so your kids can try to catch Lucky the Leprechaun in action—after devouring a bowl or two of cereal, of course. 

Just look for the green boxes of Original Lucky Charms and Chocolate Lucky Charms to get your hands on Lucky’s gold before it's off the shelves in March 2020. Because what’s luckier than finding a limited-edition box of Lucky Charms on your cereal aisle? In our opinion, very little.

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