Golden, crunchy potatoes make the perfect accompaniment to roast dinners, but they can also deemed the ultimate comfort food when prepared alone.

With hundreds of methods promising to produce the crispiest potatoes, cooks can become unnecessarily intimidated by the relatively easy cooking process.

Fortunately, Mary Berry has previously shared her pearls of wisdom on the matter, confessing her “top tip” for the crispiest potatoes in a clip posted to TikTok.

The method, which was discussed by the cooking icon on the @PBS TikTok page, involves sprinkling semolina on the potatoes to help them crisp up while roasting.

She started off her video by declaring: “My top tip for very best crisp potatoes is parboil them, in the usual way for about five minutes.”

Berry recommends draining the water off before roughing up the root vegetable in a cylinder, as this encourages starch to coat the outer layer.

A mere dusting of the potatoes’ semolina will crisp the exterior while ensuring the inside remains fluffy and pillowy.

Though this method commonly uses flour, many cooks favour semolina because it sticks better to the outside of the spud, ultimately producing a better crunch.

While dressing the potato with semolina, pre-heat a baking tray with olive oil or fat in the oven for a few minutes, then carefully put the potatoes into the hot fat – which will sizzle as they go in – before rolling them over so they are completely coated.

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To ensure the method works, make sure the potatoes are not over-crowded in the baking tray, as this will prevent heat from getting trapped underneath.

It is also worth mentioning that while the semolina can be applied alone, it can also be combined with rosemary and garlic granules for extra flavour.

The semolina alone will add an extra crunch and a nutty flavour that pairs wonderfully with the earthy taste of your spuds.

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