We’re a solid week past April Fools at this point, but it’s possible a bizarre prankster came up with an idea that was too good to save for an entire year: Earlier this week, residents in the Belhaven neighborhood of Jackson, Mississippi, reportedly found Styrofoam bowls of mashed potatoes randomly placed around the area — and no one quite knows why.

The Jackson CBS-affiliate WJTV covered the strange story on Wednesday. Reporter Margaret-Ann Carter first caught up with Jordan Lewis, a local woman who says she found a bowl of what she initially thought was potato salad left on the windshield of her car the day before. At the time, she didn’t think a ton of it: “This neighborhood does a lot of quirky things. We decorate road signs, we put Christmas trees in our potholes, so it’s not surprising at all,” Lewis told the news station. “That’s why I love this neighborhood because they do so many strange things, but it’s definitely one of the weirdest things I’ve seen since living in Jackson.”

Still, she decided to post about it on Facebook and that is when the neighborhood discovered it had a larger mashed potato incident on its hands: Other locals chimed in with similar issues. Three people said they had found mashed potatoes outside their front door and another found mashed potatoes on their mailbox.

“I got up and was headed to work 7 o’clock and there was just a Styrofoam bowl of mashed potatoes on the doorsteps right there,” Sebastian Bjernegard, who was on the Facebook thread, told WJTV. “Some people were thinking maybe the mashed potatoes were poisoned to kill animals… I didn’t taste it. I have a three-second rule so I didn’t touch it, but some people were worried.”

Regardless, at this point, the whole thing seems to have been a one-time prank as the group’s mashed potato discussion on Facebook has seemed to die down — though one user has since quipped that it could have been the “Mashed Potato Fairy.” In that case, all the random placements make sense — nobody wants mashed potatoes under their pillow.

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