Secrets Of The Fast Food Giants: How to bag a discounted burger

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Alexis Conran was looking into the secrets behind famous burgers, pizzas and burritos in the latest episode of Channel 5’s Secrets of the Fast Food Giants. The Celebrity MasterChef winner wanted to know whether you could recreate your favourite takeaways and still get the same great taste. He also offered viewers some savvy ways to save money, bag the best bargain and how to get extras when ordering.

Discounts on fast food brands like Mcdonald’s, Burger King and KFC to name a couple are generally few and far between. 

Most items on the menu can be found in meal deals but Alexis spotted a savvy way to save a couple of quid. 

“How about getting a popular high street burger for a discounted price?” He said. 

“And here’s how… to buy a heavily reduced Big Mac, you’ll need a receipt. 

“We got this one with a £1.05 coffee and used this code to access a short online survey. 

“When it’s done, you can order the burger with regular fries for just £1.99 even with the coffee. 

“That’s £1.65 cheaper than a meal deal,” the presenter revealed. 

In fact, there are items on the McDonald’s menu that are cheaper than a coffee. 

Just remember to ask for a receipt to get the code for the survey.

Alexis also revealed the best way to get the most amount of pizza for your money. 

“When ordering your weekend treat, it’s worth bearing in mind that larger pizzas are almost always better value the smaller sizes. 

“For example, a large 13 and a half inch pepperoni pizza at one takeaway chain is only £2 more than a medium 11 and a half inch. 

“But you get nearly 30 percent more pizza. 

“So if you’re ordering with friends, or want two separate pizzas, it works out cheaper to get a large and split it,” he explained. “You can even go half and half on the toppings.”

If you’re in the mood for Mexican, Alexis had some handy hacks to help you got more guacamole for your money. 

“Firstly, you can really save money by ordering your burrito online by using cash back sites,” the presenter said. 

“These companies regularly run promotions that can save you a few quid on your Friday night treat. 

“Right now, you can get 25 percent off your first order at Just Eat by using one of these cash back providers.

“If you still want to visit the burrito bar yourself, most places will offer a large option for about a pound more than the regular size – but they cram in so much more. 

“This tip is particularly handy if you’re ordering for two because half a large burrito is a meal in itself and it’s a great way to save money.  

“Finally, we know you always get charged extra for guacamole, but what they don’t tell you is that almost all the other toppings are free.” 

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