Rylan Clark-Neal works a shift at McDonalds

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McDonald’s is constantly adding and removing food items on to or from its menu to keep up with customer demand. Today, the fast food chain has launched what it described as “the crispiest, crunchiest chicken burger out there” – the McCrispy.

The McCrispy is McDonald’s first permanent burger in 15 years and was available to order in all UK restaurants from 11am today.

The burger is made of 100 percent chicken breast fillet, marinated in black pepper and cayenne.

It also consists of lettuce and mayonnaise with cracked black pepper and a savoury roasted chicken flavour, compacted into an artisan glazed bun with a sweet nutty toasted flavour.

On its own the chicken burger costs £4.99, while a medium meal with fries and a drink will set customers back £6.49.

But the McCrispy is not the only new item to be launched by McDonald’s today.

The BBQ Bacon Stack has also made a return, which is a burger made up of two juicy British and Irish beef patties, topped with pepper jack cheese and bacon.

It will set fans back £6.89 for a large. Sadly, due to its addition, McDonald’s has had to axe the Big Tasty burger.

All Chicken Legend items have also been removed from the menu to make space for the new items. 

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Additionally, for the first time ever, the fast food brand is introducing mini potato waffles to the breakfast menu.

They will be offered as a portion of three and will be available on their own for £1.39, or as part of a breakfast meal.

McDonald’s serves its breakfast menu from opening to 11am before it switches over to its standard menu.

The final savoury treat to be added to the menu is the Nacho Cheese wedges – but they won’t appear on the menu until October 26.

They will cost £2.29 for a portion of five, or £5.99 for a sharing box.

The tasty snack consists of melted nacho cheese and spicy Jalapeno slices, covered in a crunchy coating and served with McDonald’s sour cream and chive dip.

As for a sweet treat – the newest McFlurry to be introduced by McDonald’s today was the Twirl flavour.

But, arguably, the most important item available on the menu from today is the McCrispy – since it is here to stay.

Fans have already tasted the crunchy chicken burger, and they weren’t disappointed.

Twitter user @ZSeymour86 said: “McCrispy. Just had it today, nice and filling.”

User @Willespie wrote: “I can’t stop thinking about the McCrispy.”

User @JRUDSY commented: “McCrispy…very good.”

However, some fans are angry that the Chicken Legend has disappeared from menus, arguing that it was “much better” than the McCrispy. User @dizzyjimbo91 wrote: “So chicken legends gone and is now a McCrispy. Nothing could ever be as great as the Chicken Legend, I’m on protest until its grand return.”

User @flannelplant commented: “All the Chicken Legends are gone. And they replaced them with the McCrispy, which is just a chicken burger with mayo on it.”

John Haynes added: “McCrispy was a bit disappointing. Be better off with five Chicken Mayos. Big Mac helped ease the pain though.”

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