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McDonald’s has announced it will be altering its menu until January. While some customers have welcomed the new changes, others have been less impressed.

Until January, McDonald’s will be adding a brand new item to its breakfast menu – the Mighty McMuffin.

This is a muffin that comes with sausage, egg, bacon, and cheese. Fans can also choose to put a dollop of brown sauce on top.

The Mighty McMuffin costs £3.99 on its own, or £5.59 as part of a meal. The savoury treat will hit all UK restaurants from today, November 23.

However, fans took to social media with mixed reviews. Alice Laverick simply wrote: “This looks amazing.”

Lee Cowton commented: “We’ve had that for years here in Australia. It’s good for hangovers.”

Jo Bates said: “If you order a normal McMuffin you get the option to add extra bacon/sausage/sauce etc, so this is nothing new.”

Sarah-Jayne Powell wrote: “I’ve changed my mind about not having any fast food until February.” Jordon Taylor added: “How creative.”

Rico wrote: “We don’t want new additions we want the breakfast wrap back!”

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Vicky Pukis agreed that the McMuffin wasn’t the best product to introduce to the McDonald’s menu. She commented: “They need to stop messing around and bring back the bagels.”

Before today’s McMuffin launch, McDonald’s did have muffins available, but the options were either a muffin with bacon and egg, sausage and egg, or a double option for both.

As well as the new Mighty McMuffin, McDonald’s has introduced other new treats to its menu today, getting Britons into the festive spirit.

The menu includes returning favourites such as the Big Tasty burger and the Celebrations McFlurry.

The Big Tasty, with bacon, costs £5.89 on its own, and £7.49 as a meal. The McFlurry is available for £1.79.

The Festive Pie has also made a return. This is a hot crispy pie filled with mincemeat and custard, priced at £1.29.

Another item is the Cheese Melt Dippers, which are available as a personal bag or a share box. They come with a creamy tomato sauce.

The personal bag contains four dippers, while the share box has 12 dippers inside. McDonald’s described the treats as “camembert dippers coated in a crispy crumb”.

As for drinks, McDonald’s has introduced the Hot Chocolate Deluxe and the Caramel Waffle Latte to its festive menu.

McDonald’s is constantly changing and updating its menu to meet with customer demand. It recently launched brand new products to its normal menu.

The products included the McCrispy, which is a slightly spicy chicken breast covered in crispy crumbs, alongside lettuce and mayonnaise, in between two lightly toasted buns. Another fan favourite to be added to the breakfast menu was the Mini Potato Waffles – launched by McDonald’s for the first time.

As for the new festive menu, it will be available to order from all McDonald’s UK restaurants for six weeks, until January 4.

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