With so many restaurants closing or curtailing their operations out of legitimate COVID-19 public health concerns, there are more than a few people out there right now who are craving some of their fast food favorites but are cut off from accessing them. Though delivery can fill the gap, that comes with a higher price tag and its own set of ethical concerns, especially when you could (well, should) instead try and support local restaurants where your dollar will make a bigger difference.

So what’s a hungry shut-in with a craving for McDonald’s breakfast to do? Make your very own Sausage & Egg McMuffin, of course. To offset the fact that its UK locations are closed, McDonald’s went out of its way to share their recipe for an at-home Sausage & Egg McMuffin with UK publication The Mirror, and it’s so simple that even those who fear setting foot in a kitchen should be able to pull this off.

It’s about as simple as you’d expect, really. First, toast an English muffin “until golden brown. ”Then, season a 75 gram sausage patty with salt and pepper before cooking on a grill for six or seven minutes (but check the directions on the packaging). Then, crack eggs into a metal ring (if you have one) inside a frying pan, covered and cooked for two to three minutes. Layer the sausage and egg under a slice or two of American cheese, slide it between the halves of the English muffin, and you’re good to go.

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If you want to get fancy and put a hash brown on the side, that’s totally doable as well. Just grate a potato into a bowl, mix in some egg, season with salt and pepper, then cook it up in an oiled pan until golden brown on both sides. Put it together and you’ve got a full breakfast.

While it might feel like McDonald’s is giving away some sort of “trade secret,” they really have nothing to lose. They’re a company who knows they’ll survive whatever COVID-19 has in store for the restaurant business, and people are still going to order their breakfast sandwiches even if they learn how to make them. After all, the whole point of fast food is that it requires no cooking and little money to acquire. No matter what the world looks like once this is all behind us, that’s not going to change.


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