Marks and Spencer: Tom Holland stars in 2021 Christmas advert

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Marks and Spencer Food loves to create new products, but one has left shoppers divided. The food store has created a salad that combines two controversial flavours for Christmas; Marmite and Brussels sprouts. 

M&S has released a Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Marmite Butter salad. 

The product weighs 300g and is retailed at £2.50. 

Marmite’s iconic tagline ‘Love it or Hate it’ is across the packaging. 

But the combination of ingredients has divided shoppers on social media. 

The majority are intrigued while others are vehemently for or against the idea. 

Sara Jane said: “Interesting combo….” 

Remi added: “Not sure how I feel about this.” 

Ross Smith, however, was interested in the new product: “Ohhhhh now that sounds good x.” 

“These would be amazing,” Rachel wrote online. 

“Wow!!!! Get that in my belly,” Helen Murphy exclaimed. 

Paul commented: “My worst nightmare.” 

Nikki had similar feelings: “Sorry M&S love your stuff but this is one hell of a no from me.” 

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A post shared by Newfoodsuk (@newfoodsuk)

“I have stomach ache just looking at this,” user @spobret tweeted. 

Another Twitter user pointed out: “Why wouldn’t u just shred ur own sprouts up for a pound and put marmite in lol.” 

The product was shared by the Instagram account newfoodsuk. 

Within 15 hours of it being posted, it has gathered over 2,000 likes. 

Why wouldn’t u just shred ur own sprouts up for a pound and put marmite in lol

And more than 400 people have commented on the post. 

Marks and Spencer Food recently made headlines after one of its bakery products were recalled. 

An alert was issued for their Made Without Wheat Gluten Free White Sourdough Cob as it contained wheat flour (gluten). 

The gluten was not mentioned on the label and is, therefore, a health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to wheat or gluten.

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