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One in ten have even wolfed a snack down in a Wendy house in the garden, with one in 20 feeling peckish when getting hot and steamy in the bedroom.

And one in five even admitted to snagging food out of the bin – which still looked “perfectly fine” in their opinion.

It also emerged more than a quarter admitted to being judged for their unquenchable desire to snack.

Psychologist Jo Hemmings, speaking on behalf of Peperami, which commissioned the poll, said: “There’s been some interesting revelations from this research, and the intriguing question is why do people tend to reach for a snack in somewhat unconventional places?

“Sometimes, simply just snacking away from others can give you a moment of peace to enjoy something in its purest form.

“While many reach for snacks as a comforting habit, others would prefer people not to know about their cravings. Either way, the locations speak for themselves, of the lengths people will go to to have a quick bite.”

The study also found crisps, chocolate bars and biscuits were the most commonly eaten snacks in unusual places, along with sandwiches, sweets and fruit.

While 22 percent prefer chomping on chicken bites the most, with one in five opting for snacks that are packed with protein.

And a third said simply being consumed by hunger was the reason for consuming items in unusual spots – with 18 percent simply enjoying eating at locations such as the toilet.

But while more than a quarter have been caught red handed tucking into a treat at their secret location, 30 percent think friends and family would be shocked at where they’ve eaten.

Amusingly, a third have even packed their own food to eat at someone else’s house, knowing they’d dislike the spread on offer.

And of those, 40 percent have consumed their emergency snacks in secret.

Pavan Chandra, from Peperami, added: “It seems many can’t resist a meaty snack wherever they find themselves – however, many prefer to keep it a secret.

“The research has shown hunger can take you at any moment, and clearly people within the UK act on this, daring to eat where no one would expect them to.

“It’s also been quite amusing to see the variance of locations and the lengths people will go to, to enjoy a tasty treat.

“We want Brits to be bold and brave and munch down on our Peperami range wherever they fancy.”

The brand is offering Brits the chance to win a month’s supply of Pep’d Up and Smokin’ Chicken Bites and Peperami Original Sticks, by entering a competition via its Instagram page, @peperamitv.

Those who enter will have to DM the Instagram page with a picture of the weirdest place they’ve eaten a snack to be in with a chance to win.


  1. In bed
  2. While driving
  3. On the stairs
  4. In the bath
  5. The shed
  6. A public stairwell
  7. On the toilet
  8. In a lift
  9. In a storage room at work
  10. During exercise
  11. In the hot tub
  12. In a laundry room
  13. In the loft
  14. In a swimming pool
  15. A public changing room
  16. A Wendy house in the garden
  17. A public toilet
  18. In a cupboard
  19. In the basement
  20. In a chiller at work

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