Though there’s no substitute for the classic cookies and cream combination, there sure are a lot of (entirely unnecessary) Oreo flavors out in the world. Too many of them, in fact. One could even argue that the onslaught of Oreo options registers as a form of snacking distress. 

Well, if you feel like Nabisco owes you financial compensation for the flavors they’ve inflicted upon us over the years, today’s your lucky day. That’s because Nabisco announced the arrival of a new “mystery” flavor.  According to a Nabisco statement quoted by US Food, “the Mystery Oreo could be anything, from a combination of two current Oreo flavors to an entirely new flavor.” 

That in and of itself is not significant, but an offer attached to its launch is. If your taste buds are refined enough to figure out what exactly the mystery flavor is, you’re in the running for $50,000. That’s right: once the mystery Oreos hit stores on September 16th, you can submit one guess every day through November 10th at Every correct guess of the mystery flavor will be entered into a drawing for the $50k. 

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If you think about that last bit, it leaves you with two strategic courses to follow. Maybe you have wicked smart taste buds capable of discerning a mystery flavor right away, in which case you’d want to submit the same flavor guess for the duration of the contest to maximize your chance of claiming the cash prize. If you’re feeling less confident, the play is to submit a different guess every day, in the hopes that you’re one of only a handful of people who end up getting it right. Just don’t guess Fruity Pebbles because that was last year’s mystery flavor. 

Either way, maybe one of the kids from Stranger Things can help you. Dustin (real name Gaten Matarazzo) has been tapped by Oreo to see if he can’t solve the flavor mystery first. Also, Terry Crews seems to be involved. 

So if you want to stick it to the Oreo-eating celebs and the cookie company that has overloaded the world with some questionable flavors, there’s no better way to do that than trying to take $50,000 from Nabisco. Good luck. 


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