Supermarket food: Stefan Gates compares fruit and veg cost

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Raymond Blanc has shared a plethora of recipes throughout his career, from savoury to sweet. Marking the official start of the British apple and pear season, supermarkets will be fully stocked with a delicious array of home-grown varieties including Gala, Braeburn, Jazz, Cox and English Bramley. This means it is the perfect opportunity to eat British apples as well as cook with them. 

To celebrate the start of the season, Raymond Blanc, said: “I am tremendously excited to be part of this year’s Start of Season launch. Britain produces some of the finest apple and pear varieties in the world, and it is hugely important to me that we support our home grown produce.

“With so many wonderful varieties available this season in an array of beautiful colours, textures and flavours, there really is a British apple to delight everyone.”

British growers are predicting a great tasting crop this year, with colour expected to be vibrant.

Ali Capper, Executive Chair of British Apples & Pears Limited and apple grower, said: “Most British dessert apples have a beautiful red tone to their skin that is created, in part, by our fantastic maritime climate, and this year is no exception.”

A new Sustainability Report also reveals that British apples and pears are a sustainable choice for consumers.

Raymond Blanc has partnered with the company for the second year running.

Sharing this particular recipe on his website, the chef recommended finding the best apple to use for the bake, with the right balance of sugar and acidity.

While there are many varieties you can use to bake with, Raymond recommended using Egremont Russet, Lord Lambourne, Jubilee or the Devonshire Quarrenden.

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However, he added: “Braeburn or any Cox variety are always trusty options.”


For the pastry:

– 250g plain flour

– 125g unsalted butter

– 1g sea salt

– One egg

– One egg yolk

For the filling:

– Three apples, peeled, cored and cut into 10 segments per apple

– 15g unsalted butter, melted

– 15g caster sugar

– One squeeze of lemon juice

– One egg

– 50g sugar

– 100ml whipping cream

– Icing sugar, for dusting


In a large bowl, rub together the flour, butter and salt using your fingertips until it reaches a sandy texture.

Create a well in the centre before adding the whole egg and yolk, which will give richness to the bake.

Work the mixture together until a dough begins to form before lightly flouring a work surface and kneading the dough for 20 seconds.

Reserve 20g to 30g of the dough in cling film before flattening the rest of it and placing it in the fridge.

Preheat the oven to 210 degrees and place a tray in the middle of the oven.

Next, place a sheet of cling film on the table and arrange the dough in the centre before covering with another sheet of cling film. Then roll the rough to a two to three millimetre thickness.

When the dough has reached desired thickness, remove the top layer of clingfilm and lift and drape it over the tart ring, remove the cling film.

Lift the edges and push the dough carefully into the ring before using the reserved rough, pushing it so that it lines up perfectly to the bottom of the tart ring.

Ensure the dough is neatly pressed and moulded into the shape of the ring, it will help to minimise shrinkage.

Trim the tart edges using a rolling pin over the top of the ring.

With a fork, prick the bottom of the tart all over which will help to prevent the base from rising and allow thorough cooking. Allow the ring to rest in the fridge for 20 minutes to relax the pastry.

Overlap the apple segments close together in the tart case before mixing the melted butter, sugar and lemon juice and brush over the apples.

Dust with icing before to help caramelise while cooking.

Using the wooden peel, slide the tart onto the preheated baking tray in the oven and cook for 20 minutes.

Mix together the egg, sugar and whipping cream and pour over the custard before cooking for another 10 minutes until the apples have reached a lovely amber colour.

Remove the tart and leave to cool for 30 minutes before serving.

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