Reese's 3 pack

Cookie dough earns a special place in the snack pantheon for existing as not only the raw material for a delightful baked good (the cookie), but also a fantastic treat in its own right. That makes it pretty hard to beat.

Unless that cookie dough also had a popular candy in it and was sold in a convenient, snackable format at a chain of convenience stores often heralded for its selection of snacks, that is. Well, that’s exactly the story behind a new release of 7-Eleven’s “7-Select” edible cookie dough bites in a real-deal Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup flavor.

Based on what we’ve seen of them from Instagram snack accounts @familyfooddude and @tmc_reviews, it looks like this is a cup filled with big ol’ hunks of cookie dough featuring a bonus guest appearance from the kind of chocolate you’d find in a classic Reese’s cup. Based on @tmc_reviews’ caption, “the cookie vibe is good AF,” while the treat also “dissolves all over your mouth[,] leaving a delicious[,] sweet [,] and strong nutty flavor that tastes just like Reese’s PB cream.”

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Though slamming this snack directly into your mouth is an option, it’s not your only one. You can absolutely throw these dough bites on a cookie sheet and turn them into a six-ounce small batch of bake sale-ready peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies. It’s no massive Costco tub of cookie dough, but it’ll do.

If you’re one of those cowards who heeds warnings about how cookie dough isn’t always edible, just know that the packaging explicitly describes this product as “safe to eat”. So you officially have no valid excuse not to run down to 7-Eleven and buy up the whole lot of these before someone else does first.  

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