TikTok user shares Starbucks' bottled Frappuccino hack

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Coffee giant Starbucks has announced its summer menu today, bringing delicious iced drinks to quench thirsts during the summer months. Brits often go mad for frappuccinos, iced teas and iced coffees, so what can you expect to find on Starbucks summer menu, and when is it in stores?

When is Starbucks summer menu in stores?

Starbucks’ summer menu items are available to enjoy from all Starbucks stores across the UK, whether takeaway or Drive-Thru.

The summer menu is available from May 6, in UK stores and through Starbucks Delivers via Uber Eats and Just Eat.

If you just can’t wait, Starbucks Rewards members get exclusive early access to the new summer beverages from today – April 29, a week before anyone else.

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So what has been added to the menu?


Chocolate Coffee Crunch Frappuccino Blended Beverage – from £3.65

A seriously scrumptious sunflower seed Chocolate Caramel Brittle blended with coffee, cold milk and ice, all topped with delicious coffee whipped cream and a sprinkling of Chocolate Caramel crumb.

Caramel Brownie Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage – from £3.65

Luxury Caramel Brownie brûlée treats are smoothly blended with milk and ice and crowned with cooling coffee whipped cream and an indulgent Caramel Brownie topping.

Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage – from £3.55

The classic Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino Blended Beverage is a summer sensation.

An icy cold combination of strawberries and milk is blended with ice and topped with an indulgent swirl of whipped cream.

Lemon Iced Tea – from £2.85

Thirst-quenching lemonade is mixed with freshly brewed green tea and zingy citrus syrup, all served cold over ice to refresh your day.

Peach Iced Tea – from £2.85

The perfect peach pick-me-up, this fruity and reviving iced tea is made with a combination of peach syrup and freshly brewed green tea served crisp and cold over ice.

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Hibiscus Iced Tea – from £2.40

Fresh and floral, the crisp Hibiscus Iced Tea is sure to hydrate you this summer. Freshly brewed green tea, hibiscus syrup and cool lemonade is served cold over ice.

Iced Cappuccino – from £2.60

Love the taste of a cappuccino but want to try it cold? Starbucks Signature Espresso is paired with a touch of milk or dairy alternative of your choice and topped with cold foam.

Iced Mocha – from £2.95

Starbucks Signature Espresso meets mocha sauce, creamy milk or dairy alternative of your choice and ice.

Topped with smooth whipped cream for an icy cold finish.

Iced Vanilla Latte – from £3.10

Starbucks Signature Espresso, milk, ice and vanilla syrup come together to create a subtly sweet twist on a beloved classic.


Beef Steak Roll – from £4.29

A crusty artisan roll filled with succulent beef, smooth mayo, spiced BBQ sauce, pink pickled onions and spinach.

Chicken & Avo Crush Protein Pot – from £3.15

Chicken breast is layered with sweet, shredded beetroot, grains, creamy crushed avocado, crisp spinach leaves and is topped with a free-range egg.

Rainbow Veg Protein Pot (available from end of May) – from £3.05

Layers of colourful, crunchy carrot, edamame beans and corn crush paired with a punchy black bean relish and spinach.


Iced Raspberry Swirl – from £2.29

Our classic swirl with a fruity summer twist. Soft dough with a sharp raspberry swirl, topped with sticky icing and toasted almonds for a nutty crunch.

Strawberry & Cream Cake – from £1.85

An almond and cream sponge filled with sweet strawberry jam is topped with a dollop of soft icing and tangy freeze-dried strawberry sprinkles.

Strawberry & White Chocolate Shortbread – from £1.79

Buttery shortbread with white chocolate chunks, strawberry flavoured pieces and a touch of black pepper.

Raspberry Blondie – from £1.85

A fudgy blondie slice made with sharp raspberry jam and chunks of sweet white chocolate through the middle.

Trio of Favourites sharing pack – from £3.69

Your three favourites, Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondie, Cookies & Cream Brownie, Chocolate & Caramel Brownie, all sitting in a convenient sharing pack.

Coconut & Lime Cake (plant-based) – from £2.09

A moist coconut loaf cake filled with sharp lime curd and topped with a lime frosting, toasted coconut flakes and lime zest.

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