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When professional chefs are immersed in the chaos of hours-long dinner shifts, they don’t have time to prep or measure out ingredients. Instead, they rely on mise en place, the French culinary system that means “put in place” and translates to gathering and arranging everything you need before cooking. 

Of course, mise en place isn’t just for the pros—by organizing ingredients and tools at the start of a recipe, home cooks free themselves more time to focus on flavor and improving technique. But you may be thinking, ‘where’s the best place to keep all those little piles of prepped food?’ That’s where this clever cutting board from Hhxrise comes in.

The 100% organic bamboo board is designed with compartments built into one side that provide a convenient place to slide chopped ingredients or store pre-measured seasonings. It’s perfect for cooks with scarce counter space or anyone who doesn’t want to dirty extra plates and bowls while prepping. The boards come in three sizes; the small boards feature two compartments, while the medium and large boards each have three.

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To buy: $14 (originally $30);

In addition to the handy compartments, the boards have deep grooves on each side to keep any liquids from spilling on your workstation, and a handle cut-out for easy lifting and flipping. And if you’re a fan of entertaining, they double as excellent serving platters for DIY cheese boards and charcuterie spreads.

The cutting board has earned a 4.4-star rating on Amazon and is one of the retailer’s best-selling cutting boards. Reviewers who have tried out the product themselves praise the board’s sturdiness and craftsmanship, as well as how helpful it is for organizing ingredients.

“I love the little vessels at the top to slide in my chopped stuff into,” one customer wrote. “It’s big enough to not need to stop and move off my handiwork all the time. It seems like such a small thing but does save time and makes cooking just a tad bit easier.”

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Another added, “The built-in compartments are what I really love about this item! I cook Indian food OFTEN and it always has about 7 trillion ingredients in it. Being able to push them off into the compartments is so awesome.”And while some cutting boards cost hundreds of dollars, the largest Hhxrise board is currently just $20. No wonder one shopper called it a “great bang for your buck.” Plus, right now, you can get the medium- and small-sized boards on sale for up to 53% off. For a smarter way to cook, check out these clever cutting boards on Amazon while they’re still on sale.

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