If you’re at all like me, you’ve probably made quite a few grilled cheeses over the past few months in a desperate attempt to feed yourself at home on the cheap. At my peak, I’d say I was probably eating two a week. Like too much of any good food, you eventually start to get a little sick of them after a while.

But what if it was something mas than grilled cheese? Maybe some way you could eat both a grilled cheese and a burrito at the same damn time? Thankfully, that mashup is very much a new, real item on Taco Bell’s menu.

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In case the image of grilled cheese + burrito wasn’t already enough to send you out to your nearest Taco Bell (drive thru), let’s break it down. Starting with a burrito filled with seasoned beef and rice, a three-cheese blend (which includes both shredded and nacho cheese), chipotle sauce, sour cream and some of those red tortilla strips for a little crunch, it’s everything you’ve already come to expect from a sold Taco Bell burrito.  But obviously, that’s not it: there’s a layer of melted cheese on the exterior of the burrito to truly affirm this thing’s commitment to queso.

Tested last year in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which I guess is a place where people embrace the live mas mentality, this Grilled Cheese Burrito is available nationwide for a limited time. You can pair that with a medium baja blast (or inferior drink of your choice), a hard shell taco, and cinnamon twists for $5. When you consider that you’re getting both a grilled cheese and a burrito with that, it’s a pretty solid deal.



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