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You might think that you've grilled all the things that you can grill at this point in the summer. The burgers and steaks of July are but a distant memory, and the pressing concerns of the fall are just over the horizon. But there's still plenty of time for grilling and outdoor sitting, particularly when you can turn to something as simple and delicious as easy grilled chicken wings. 

Wings are a particularly good vehicle for sauces, as you probably already know. Buffalo sauce, ranch, and barbecue are the classics, but that doesn't mean you need to be limited to those options. Once you get the hang of grilling wings, you might end up doing it so often that you need other sauce options. So might we suggest this clever lemon-pepper sauce that uses storebought lemon curd to give the condiment its sour zip?

Easy never tasted so awesome.

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To make the sauce, you first cook garlic in a little olive oil or melted butter, just until the garlic is soft and the raw edge is gone. Then you mix in half a cup of lemon curd with water, salt, and pepper, letting the mixture come up to a simmer to allow the whole thing to reduce, a process that will take a few minutes. Once the mixture is warmed through and has reduced in volume slightly, add in fresh lemon juice, and, if you like, more pepper. Serve with chicken wings, or even just the rotisserie chicken you picked up and aren't sure what to do with. 

Get the recipe for Basic Grilled Wings with Lemon Pepper Sauce. 

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