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The global coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, and even though restaurants in some states have started to offer dine-in service again, lots of us are still wary of leaving home to grab a meal. So that of course means we're all having to do our best to feed ourselves at home. Which, if you're like me, could mean entirely too many frozen pizzas, bags of chips, and easy-bake break-apart cookies. Or it could also mean fatigue—you've completely exhausted your known recipe wheelhouse at this point and are now making "nachos" for the twelfth time using a sleeve of crackers, some sliced Kraft singles, and that old hot sauce bottle that's been lingering behind your pickle assortment since before the first Bush administration.

Luckily, for the health and well-being of you and anyone you're feeding, there is an alternative cooking option: the Cooking Light Diet! The subscription-based meal planning service combines the deliciousness of over 30 years of Cooking Light recipe development with the ability to customize and cater weekly menus to fit your preferences. Whether you're feeding a vegetarian, a pescatarian, someone with a nut or dairy allergy, or just a really picky eater, the Cooking Light Diet has thousands of meals that cater to any palate.

What's more, the Cooking Light Diet can provide much-needed help at every mealtime, as it takes your dietary preferences and creates daily meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Only need help at dinnertime? No problem! Just subscribe to their Dinners Only plan so that you can start easing out of the relationship you've established with your pizza delivery driver. Not feeding a whole family? You can select a Dinners for Two option to cut down on your grocery bill and food waste.

In addition to helping answer the age-old question of what's for dinner, the Cooking Light Diet—as the name implies—can also help you lose weight. For years, this meal-planning tool has been changing the lives of its subscribers by helping them lose weight and keep it off via delicious, portion-controlled meals.

And the best part of the Cooking Light Diet? The price! Normally $38 for a 6-month subscription (that's six months of meals for $38!), they're now running a 50% off sale through May 31st. Take advantage of the sale and subscribe today! In the meantime, feast your eyes below on just some of the thousands of delicious meals you can schedule into your weekly menus.

*Members following the Cooking Light Diet, on average, lose 1/2 lb. per week. 


Cooking Light Diet Pasta 1Cooking Light Diet Pasta 2Cooking Light Diet Pasta 3


Cooking Light Diet Burger 1Cooking Light Diet Burger 2Cooking Light Diet Burger 3


Cooking Light Diet Pizza 1Cooking Light Diet Pizza 2Cooking Light Diet Pizza 3


Cooking Light Diet Tacos 1Cooking Light Diet Tacos 2Cooking Light Diet Tacos 3

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Comfort Foods

Cooking Light Diet Comfort Foods 1Cooking Light Diet Comfort Foods 1Cooking Light Diet Comfort Foods 1

Vegetarian Meals

Cooking Light Diet Vegetarian Meals 1Cooking Light Diet Vegetarian Meals 2Cooking Light Diet Vegetarian Meals 3



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