Writing about food on the internet for a living has taught me two very important lessons. First, people cannot get enough of Oreos, which, hey, is understandable. Second, whether they’re positive or not, people have seriously strong opinions on pickles. So it was only a matter of time until someone decided to combine them. 

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, which has a number of storefronts in Pennsylvania and Ohio and pays homage to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s true villain, recently added Pickle Oreos to its menu. As in, these people are taking Oreos apart, shoving a sandwich pickle in there, sticking them back together, and dipping them in chocolate. They sell for $3 a pop, or you can order 3-packs online for $9. 

“The pickle taste is a hint of pickle, it’s not overpowering,” owner Bill Kelly told the Dayton Daily News. 

Want more pickles? Grandpa Joe’s offers more pickle-centric merchandise, including pickle cotton candy, pickle mints, and pickle candy canes, which you can wash down with a nice bottle of pickle soda. If you really want to lean in to the pickle dessert phenomenon, try your hand at some pickle ice cream or Utah Pickle Pie. 




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