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No matter how hard you try to avoid getting spills and splatters all over your kitchen while cooking, a sauce-covered, grease-filmed stove top is almost inevitable after preparing a meal. That means, in addition to a sink full of dishes, you also have to worry about cleaning the stove—unless you had some sort of shield to prevent food debris from sloshing out of your pans in the first place. 

That’s exactly what the Frywall Splatter Guard does. Made of BPA-free silicone, the cone-shaped gadget fits inside the rim of most stovetop pans to cut down on kitchen messes by blocking spills before they happen. Available in small, medium, and large sizes to accommodate a range of pan diameters, the handy tool allows you to fry, simmer, and sauté as you please while it keeps everything from fine oil splatters to overflowing leafy greens from landing on your stove or countertops.

Unlike lids or splatter screens, the Frywall allows steam to escape from the top and doesn’t impede your ability to see, flip, or stir food as you cook. The easy-to-use tool is also dishwasher-safe and rolls up into a compact shape so you can store it between uses. Whether you’re frying an egg, preparing a sauce, or sautéing spinach, it’ll help cut down on post-cooking cleanup. 

The genius cooking gadget was invented by Yair Reiner after he became fed up with cleaning up after cooking, and it was featured on an episode of Shark Tank in 2018. Now, the simple yet effective product is available to shop on Amazon with the smallest size starting at just $18.

It’s racked up hundreds of positive reviews from customers who confirm it really does cut down on cooking messes. “Where has this been all my life?” one reviewer wrote. “Now I can reduce a sauce without turning my stove top into a Jackson Pollock Painting.” Another shopper said, “By gum it is brilliant. [It] almost entirely eliminates spatter on your stove top and/or backsplash.”

Head to Amazon to get your own Frywall Splatter Guard and reduce how much time you spend cleaning up after every meal.

To buy: $19 (was $22);

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