We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors recently—in case you’ve lost your sense of time, we’ve spent more of 2020 in quarantine than in the before times. As a result, a good deal of our energy has gone into improving and tweaking our spaces. Home is pretty much the only place we’re gonna be, so it’s important that your space feels inviting and comfortable.

It’ll be a surprise to absolutely no one then that home improvement and other DIY projects have soared in popularity thanks to the pandemic. Maybe you rearranged your furniture or started an herb garden. Or maybe you painted, remodeled, or constructed a small building in your backyard. But look, you don’t have to take on a huge project (or any project) to transform your space. If you’re looking for something that takes virtually no effort but makes a huge impact, a scented candle will do the trick. A new scent can help you feel at ease, stimulate your daydreams, or at the very least make your place smell clean even if it doesn’t look that way.


I’m not here to recommend a candle that’s overly perfumed or nauseatingly sweet, mostly because at the moment I’m burned out (Get it?) on those. I’m here to talk about tomato leaf candles, specifically the Tomato Leaf candle from Calico Home Studio. Because we are in the hottest days of summer, and is there a single fruit or veggie that screams “SUMMER!” more than the modest, but delicious, tomato? A real tomato that’s ripened in real time, in a backyard vegetable garden, or being sold by a farmer on the side of the road? A red, juicy, voluptuous heirloom tomato sliced up, cradled between Wonder bread slathered with mayonnaise, sprinkled with pepper and salt? I think not.

Okay, let’s go back to the vine. That’s where this candle’s aroma takes you. In addition to tomato leaf, there are notes of lemon, ginger, honeysuckle, jasmine, wood, violet, and more. Calico Home Studio’s Tomato Leaf candle doesn’t just conjure a single tomato, but rather, the tomato’s source. It’s pretty much like being in a vegetable garden, minus the heat and unbearable humidity.

These soy candles come in three sizes: 3.5-, 9-, and 17-ounce. Get whatever size you want, but do know that the 17-ounce candle has three wicks and feels extra fancy. And with a scent like this, you’re gonna wanna burn as many wicks as you can. These babies don’t stay in stock for long, so if you’re serious, jump on it now. Or just peruse around Etsy until you find another tomato leaf candle that charms you. It’s your money. 


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