Trader Joe's Is Selling $7.99 Coffee Plants to Perk Up Your Living Space

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Here at EatingWell, we've been fans of coffee for decades. How can you resist all the ample health benefits, the energy pick-me-up and the versatility of the drink? It's been a lifesaver during—and bright spot of—2020, when we could all use some extra self-care. Not to mention, trendy concepts like whipped coffee and cold brew concentrate have made it even more fun to brew a cup.

We've also been diving into gardening, indoors with houseplants and outdoors with veggies, since we have more time at home to tend to our green roommates. For all these reasons and the $7.99 price tag, we were delighted to learn from @traderjolene that Trader Joe's is rolling out a coffee plant line as part of their houseplant selection.

Happy Flower Friday ☕️ ? Two of my loves ?Coffee and Plants ?.. so of course it was an absolute no-brainer to buy the Coffee Plant at TJ’s. Hoping it grows a few coffee beans, and we can add them to our French Press in the morning! This dramatic plant will droop when it needs another drink of water, but it perks back right up after watering, just like your coffee ☕️ ☀️ !! • • • • • • #coffeeplant #traderjoes #traderjolene #coffeelover #coffeetime #plantsathome #plantslover #flowerfriday #morningmotivation #traderjoesflowers #groceryshopping #plantsmakepeoplehappy

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Spotted at a New Jersey TJ's, this petite coffee plant inspired us to dive into research about how to grow a coffee plant at home, and now we're hooked on the concept.

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Apparently, it's quite easy to help a coffee plant thrive indoors. Its ideal conditions are sunny, indirect light (such as near a window but not in the direct path of rays), damp soil (easy to water frequently inside!) and grow best around room temp—and when the conditions rarely, if ever, drop below 65° F. Otherwise, it just needs good drainage and some humidity, which you can make happen inside by setting the potted plant on a tray that's filled with small rocks and a bit of water. Under these conditions, coffee plants can flower and produce berries with beans inside.

If you allow it enough space by repotting as it grows, most coffee plants can blossom into 6-foot beauties that will really brighten up the room. While we may never harvest enough beans to roast for a full pot, it will be worth all of the time and effort to keep the plant growing strong because any indoor greenery has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. That sounds pretty great right now.

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