Trader Joe's Mini Watermelons

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In 2016, the trend was launched by Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Avocados. Then earlier this year, TJ's won our hearts with their mini pineapple plants. Next up in somehow-way-more-adorable-than-full-size produce? Mini watermelons!

Okay how cute are these?!! Lil’ baby mini ??? ?

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Spotted for $3.69 at @traderjoeslist's local market, these organic melons are going on our Trader Joe's shopping list ASAP this summer for five reasons.

They're easier to handle and store. Lugging around one of the most common watermelons, crimson sweet, means you'll be doing the equivalent of a biceps curl with a 15- to 25-pound dumbbell. That's not so simple to load into your cart and transport into your home—not to mention finding a place to store that monster melon. These cantaloupe-sized mini melons are more reasonable to carry around and easily fit on a shelf in the fridge.

Mini watermelons will likely lead to less waste. "I just got one yesterday and ate it all already," one fan commented on the photo @traderjoeslist shared. If you've ever bought a melon so big you didn't have time to finish it before it was far past its prime, buying a smaller portion at a time will be an easy food waste-reducing solution.

We're not sharing as many potluck meals this summer. Since neighborhood and large multi-family potlucks are put on pause for the most part this summer (or if they happen, we all bring our own food for safety reasons), a smaller amount is likely needed. (Unless you really love incorporating watermelon recipes into every meal of every day!)

A few minis have a longer lifespan than a sliced large melon. Kept whole, a watermelon lasts at least a week. As soon as you cut it, though, the best-by date is slashed in half. Many supermarkets sell pre-cut larger watermelons, but you're better off buying one or two smaller, whole ones to guarantee the slice date and preserve the shelf life.

Mini watermelons are the picture-perfect size for cocktails. This might actually be our number-one reason (ha!). Our six-serving Jalapeño-Watermelon Margarita recipe calls for four cups of watermelon, which, depending on size, is about equivalent to one or two of these mini melons. Not so fond of tequila? We have plenty more watermelon drink recipes to help you stay hydrated all summer long.

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