Burger King troll McDonald's in new Whopper advert

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A fast food fan has taken to TikTok to show an “underrated” hack that can get you a free Whopper at Burger King. However, there is a task for customers to complete before they can be united with their burger.

TikTok page @healthyjunkfood shares food hacks and reviews with an audience of 1.1M followers. In the hack, he explained why keeping a hold of your receipt is crucial.

He said: “Get a free Whopper at Burger King with this underrated food hack. Make sure to ask for the receipt.

“The receipt will always come with some awesome, incredible coupon on the back, such as this one which says free whopper. And look at the back, with a simple survey you can get not ripped off.”

The hack works both at US restaurants and UK restaurants, although the terms and conditions may differ between the two countries.

Express.co.uk contacted Burger King to find out what UK customers have to do in order to get their hands on a free Whopper.

A spokesperson for the restaurant explained: “On the back of customer receipts is a web address for ‘Guest track’. Customers can go online and fill out details on their visit to the restaurant providing feedback.

“Once completed the customer will receive a code which is auto-generated and sent to their email address. This entitles the customer to a free Whopper.

“Customers can then take this email into a restaurant and present the code to the team member in order to claim it.”

This isn’t the only way to get your hands on a free burger this season, though.

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Burger King explained that the restaurant is also offering a spooky opportunity for customers in honour of Halloween.

They explained: “Burger King UK is giving Halloween fanatics nationwide the chance to bag an iconic Whopper totally free – but only if they dare.”

However, customers will need to download the Burger King app onto their mobile devices to be in with a chance.

“Available now until November 2, fans can use the ‘Home of Ghosts’ feature on the Burger King® app to scan their surroundings and detect supernatural activity,” said the Burger King spokesperson.

“Burger lovers who find a ghost will automatically receive a buy-one-get-one-free coupon to use on a flame-grilled Whopper or Plant-based Whopper, meaning they can grab one for themselves and get one for their ghoulish friend free of charge.”

What is in a Burger King Whopper?

Burger King now offers both its original Whopper and a plant-based version.

The original Whopper contains a flame-grilled beef patty, topped with tomatoes, fresh-cut lettuce, mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup, and sliced onions on a soft sesame seed bun.

The Plant-Based Whopper, on the other hand, is made up of a flame-grilled, soy-based patty, topped with tomatoes, fresh-cut lettuce, vegan mayo, pickles, a swirl of ketchup, and sliced onions all housed inside a soft sesame seed bun.

For those who want to take things to the next level, Burger King also offers a Double whopper, made of two flame-grilled beef patties. However, the double Whopper is not included in a free Whopper promotion.

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