Many Britons changed their shopping habits during the coronavirus pandemic. With a surge in online shopping, Waitrose noticed an increase in those signing up to same day delivery. This is what shoppers bought using the online services.

In March, the UK government introduced a nationwide lockdown and asked Britons to stay indoors unless absolutely necessary.

Britons were still allowed to visit supermarkets but many turned to online shopping instead.

Waitrose is one of many British supermarkets that offers a groceries delivery service.

There are a range of delivery options available for customers to suit all needs.

Same day delivery

The Waitrose Rapid service allows customers to pick up to 25 groceries to be delivered on the same day.

The food items are picked from Waitrose stores and delivered within two hours of ordering.

New research from the supermarket chain explained the number of customers using the service had jumped to 23,000.

This was a three-fold increase on what was being used before the pandemic.

Social distancing rules meant many supermarkets had long queues outside and it was no surprise that many shoppers looked online.

According to the study, a quarter of customers explained they will continue to do big food shops online.

The research also revealed the most popular items that customers ordered during the pandemic.

Most popular items

Flour and baking ingredients

Pasta and rice


Coffee and tea

Cleaning products

Japanese cuisine ingredients like sushi rice and nori

Liqueurs and aperitifs

Mediterranean cuisine and drink

With many bars and restaurants forced to close, some shoppers tried to make their favourite meals at home.

This led to an increase in the sales of foods for Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines.

Bar and cafe closures also led to shoppers filling up on their favourite wines, coffees and teas.

Liqueurs and aperitifs also proved popular as Britons tried to make their favourite cocktails at home.

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