Walmart is predicated almost entirely on convenience: the convenience of finding everything in one place. The convenience of paying a low price for it. The convenience of having Walmart employees come into your home and put groceries in your fridge— wait, what?  

If that last thing feels like too much for you, maybe the fact that you can now buy booze and have it delivered to you in a Walmart parking lot is more your speed. And no, I’m not talking about some sketchy handoff from your older brother’s friend Steve who has a good fake ID. We’re taking a real, legal alcohol purchase that’s tied to their existing grocery pickup service, already available from 2,000 locations across 29 states. 

As you’d expect, the whole process is pretty easy: order your groceries online or through the Walmart Grocery app and add in a bit of beer or wine (or liquor, depending on whether or not it’s available for purchase from that Walmart). Then, you schedule a pickup window, and check in once you’ve hit the lot. From there, just show your ID to prove that you’re 21+ and not two children in a trench coat, and you’re good to go. 

If you’re trying to get drunk on a tight schedule (who isn’t these days?) and live near a big box retailer, it sounds like the way to go. 

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“No matter what’s on your shopping list, Walmart Grocery Pickup is helping our customers keep time in their busy schedules,” Tom Ward, SVP, Digital Operations, said in a press release. “Now, without ever leaving their car, customers can pick up the perfect bottle of wine for dinner or beer for the big game. That’s something worth raising a glass to.”

Even better than that, lucky boozehounds in California and Florida don’t even have to leave the house— almost 200 Walmarts will deliver alcohol right to their door, which feels both convenient and incredibly enabling. 

So this weekend, don’t get out of your car to make a beer run, let Walmart handle it for you. Just make sure you wait until you make it home to crack open those cold ones. 


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