I think it’s safe to say 2020 hasn’t turned out the way pretty much anyone has planned for reasons that are mostly beyond our control. But sometimes, by taking the best of what we’ve got and applying a little bit of ingenuity, we can take what the world gives us to create something new and marvelous.

In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m referring to the culinary innovator who realized that you can turn Olive Garden breadsticks into an innovative yet controversial hot dog bun. Gaze upon this and weep.


As you can see, it’s a simple process. Step 1: acquire Olive Garden breadsticks. Step 2: cut Olive Garden breadstick lengthwise. Step 3: insert hot dog Step 4: ????.

Effectively, this looks like some sort of hybridization of a traditional hot dog bun and the kind of pretzel dog you’d get from Auntie Anne’s. The breadstick sort of envelops the hot dog such that it’s truly surrounded by the bun rather than simply sitting within it. So if you’ve thought that the typical hot dog eating experience just doesn’t offer enough carbs for you, it’s your lucky day.

I would love to spend even just a few minutes inside the mind of whoever dreamt this up. Did they bring home some breadsticks, see the hot dogs in the fridge and start measuring? Or did this person order from Olive Garden for the express purpose of acquiring breadsticks that could be turned into hot dog buns? How much of Olive Garden’s wine was involved?

We may never know, but I salute whoever it was that refused to settle for a normal hot dog bun and blessed us with this indelible image instead. I can only hope that someone will one-up this effort with an even stranger replacement for a hot dog bun before 2020 is over.


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