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Who does not love a jam doughnut? They are delicious.

They are cheap as chips and can be picked up in most supermarkets, but which is best?

Birmingham Live’s Dayna Farrington pitted Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, and Co-op against each other in an ultimate taste test to decide the best supermarket jam doughnut.

Here is how she got on:

Tesco jam doughnuts

“I enlisted the help of my partner and two stepsons to help with the taste test. 

“To start things off, my local Tesco had sold out of jam doughnuts. We weren’t off to the best start.

“So instead I picked up a bag of five of their sugar ring doughnuts, for £1.

“As well as the obvious missing jam component, they were also ring-shaped where as the other doughnuts I picked up were a ball.

Sainsbury’s jam doughnuts

“Next up on our taste test was Sainsbury’s. I was shocked that these were a similar price to Tesco, Asda and Morrisons – as I was expecting them to be more expensive.

“We paid £1 for a bag of five.

“The first thing that struck all of us was the amount of jam packed in. And it was lovely and sweet.

“Sainsbury’s was also very generous with the sugar. The dough was really soft and tasty.

We thought this might be our favourite, scoring it a 4/5.”

Co-op jam doughnuts

“Co-op was the first supermarket where we found only four doughnuts in a bag, compared to five elsewhere.

“They were slightly more expensive too at £1.25.

“On first look, they looked very dry.

“We all commented as soon as we bit into one that the dough felt tougher than the others.

“It wasn’t so enjoyable and the jam inside was also rather tasteless.

“Sadly, we gave Co-op a 2/5.”

Asda jam doughnuts

“Asda was next on our taste list – and they weren’t to disappoint.

“They were also the same price as Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s, at £1 for five.

“We found the jam to be really sweet and had a lovely strawberry taste.

“There was lots of sugar scattered across the dough too.

“The dough had a lovely fluffy consistency making it a really great combination.

“We all collectively agreed Asda was a 4/5.”

Lidl jam doughnuts

“Lidl has its own bakery in store – and is a big pull for why people like to shop there.

“We did ask a member of staff if they sold any bags or boxes of doughnuts, but I was told they only sold them individually.

“They cost 35p each – so if we were to buy similar to other supermarkets, it would cost £1.40 for four or £1.75 for five.

“It would make them the most expensive doughnuts in our comparison.

“However, they were much larger than the others – and they looked delicious.

“It was covered in icing sugar compared to the granulated sugar on the others which made it stand out.

“But the jam was severely lacking. It also tasted really sour which ruined the doughnut for us.

“Sadly, Lidl scored a 2/5.”

Aldi jam doughnuts

“We had high hopes for Aldi – as they always seem to do well in our taste tests.

“When I went into store, the box of four doughnuts were reduced by 30 per cent due to nearing their sell-by date.

“Therefore we paid 87p for the box of four – however they should have cost £1.25.

“The price surprised me as they were the same price as Co-op, as well as being more expensive and one less in quantity than other supermarkets.

“We were even more disappointed when we bit into it. It didn’t taste sweet at all – and had more of a bread-like texture.

“Maybe it was because they were nearing their expiry date, but we were left disappointed.

“It’s a 1/5 for you Aldi.”

Morrisons jam doughnuts

“We definitely left the best to last. And they were the cheapest! Step forward Morrisons.

“The bag of five jam doughnuts from Morrisons cost us just 85p — an absolute steal for a bag full of goodness.

“The dough was the perfect consistency, light, fluffy and sweet.

“There was also just the right amount of jam inside and sugar sprayed on top.

“If I could give out a prize, then Morrisons would be walking home with the gold.

“It was full marks all round for us, 5/5.”


  • Tesco 3/5
  • Sainsbury’s 4/5
  • Co-op 2/5
  • Asda 4/5
  • Lidl 2/5
  • Aldi 1/5
  • Morrisons 5/5

“We were surprised how different a doughnut could taste.

“Morrisons was a overwhelming winner and had the perfect doughnut cracked.

“Plus they were just 85p for a bag of five making it great value for money.

“Sainsbury’s and Asda came a joint second – and were very tasty.

“Closely followed by Tesco in third place.

“We wouldn’t hesitate buying any of them again.

“However we would definitely avoid Aldi, Lidl and Co-op. They just didn’t hit the spot with us.”

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