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Without biscuits, breakfast would be a far less joyful meal. The flaky, soft, buttery morsels are the essence of morning perfection, whether they’re soaking up a runny yolk, making up the base of a casserole or being smothered with sausage gravy. And they’re fairly easy to make from scratch, too, even if you’re not a particularly enthusiastic baker. Sometimes, however, you want the breakfast-time comfort without all the rolling and cutting that comes with homemade biscuits. That’s why canned biscuits are heaven-sent. Cheap, ready-to-make biscuits allow you to trim down your morning cooking routine significantly, without sacrificing too much in terms of flavor. 

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Canned biscuits aren’t all cut from the same dough, however. That’s why we decided to try five brands of canned biscuits available online or in grocery stores. Here’s our rankings, from best to worst. 

Best Overall

Pillsbury Biscuits

Pillsbury Grands! Southern Homestyle Biscuits ($2.49 for 8)

As far as Southern-style biscuits go, Pillsbury’s version serves as a pretty solid store-bought alternative to homemade. The biscuits are nicely layered and fluffy on the inside, and filled with rich buttery flavor, but develop a decent crust on the outside for crunch. The dough is also lightly sweetened, which is a nice touch. Keep an eye out for a sale on these—they’re worth keeping around, especially if you’re a fan of the versatility canned biscuits can provide. Placed on top of chicken pot pie, for example, these biscuits would add a nice touch of honey to an otherwise savory dish. 


Annie's Biscuits

Annie’s Organic Flaky Biscuits ($3.99 for 8)

Annie’s is a little less sweet than Pillsbury’s variation, but the butter flavor still comes through strongly, and the layers are plentiful. If organic is important to you, these are a great choice, and for only $1.50 more.  

Best Butter Taste

Kroger Jumbo Biscuits

Kroger Butter-Flavored Jumbo Biscuits ($1.50 for 8)

Kroger’s biscuits lack the sweetness found in Pillsbury’s and Annie’s offerings. But when you open up the can, you’ll immediately notice the pockets of butter in the dough. When baked, these puff up beautifully into mouthwatering, savory beauties. If you’d rather your biscuits without a sugary finish, then these jumbo biscuits are right up your alley, especially given their excellent price point. 

Softest Biscuits

Safeway Jumbo Biscuits

Signature Select Jumbo Flaky Buttermilk Biscuits ($1.79 for 8)

There aren’t many layers to these Safeway biscuits, unfortunately, but the insides make up for that lack of flaky texture. These biscuits have such a light, soft, fluffy interior that it’s immediately tempting to dig out the middle with your fingers. If melt-in-your-mouth biscuits are your thing, these are your go-to.

Not Our Favorites

Safeway Budget Biscuits

Value Corner Homestyle Biscuits ($0.79 for 10)

Miniature foods are almost always a crowd pleaser, but not first thing in the morning. These budget biscuits are so tiny, and they don’t exactly make up for their lack of size in flavor, layers, or softness. We know they’re less than a dollar, but if you’re at Safeway, love yourself and at least buy their regular generic brand. 

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