Wendy’s, the fast-food chain known for square burgers and internet beef, is officially over the hill this Friday. And like anyone celebrating a milestone birthday, they’re doing it big. In honor of their 50th trip around the sun, Wendy’s is adding a new, limited-edition treat to its menu. 


Behold, the Birthday Cake Frosty, ‘cause it’s a pretty big deal. According to a press release, Wendy’s sells more than 300 million Frostys annually, which is impressive considering there have only been two standard flavors (chocolate and vanilla) thus far. In advance of Wendy’s 50th anniversary on November 15, you can experience the joy that is classic birthday cake flavor mixed with the Frosty’s trademark soquid texture for about $1.49.


However, that’s not the only birthday treat Wendy’s has up their sleeve. The new Frosty flavor also has its own companion cookie sundae: The Birthday Cake Frosty Cookie Sundae comes adorned with sugar cookie pieces and multicolored sprinkles, and retails for about $2.19. That’s not bad for a party in a cup.  Plus, it’ll hold Wendy’s diehards over until next year, when their nationwide breakfast menu drops. 







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