There are 861 Wetherspoons pubs in the UK and Ireland, according to 2021 data. Spoons is popular with punters who love bargain food and booze. But according to someone who used to work at a Wetherspoons, there are some menu items you should avoid ordering. 

Robert, 23, from London, used to work at his local Wetherspoons in Bristol when he was a university student. 

He initially started out behind the bar, pulling pints, before helping in the kitchen and serving food. 

After several months, Robert went onto become a supervisor in charge of training new staff. 

He shared his insider knowledge when it comes to the food to avoid, and the drinks that aren’t value for money. 

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Spoons have several burger meal deals, and while prices vary from chain to chain, a classic burger and drink costs as little as £5.15 at The Moon and Stars in Penge, London. 

If a customer fancies the Gourmet option, the meal costs £6.80 with a soft drink or £8.10 with an alcoholic one. 

The pricest burger on the menu is the preminum Empire State burger; two beef patties, cheese, bacon, chips and onion rings for £8.05, or £9.35 with alcohol. 

Robert said: “Premium burgers cost more – but usually the only difference is cheese, bacon and sauce. 

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“Go for a classic and add on the toppings.”

Adding bacon to a classic burger costs £1.05, which totals £6.20 with a soft drink, or £7.50 with alcohol – still cheaper than the Gourmet burger or Empire State burger. 

Another item that isn’t good “value for money” is the pitchers. 

Popular on a Friday and Saturday nights – especially with groups of friends – spoons have an array of aloholic pitchers.


Robert explained: “Customers think you can’t go wrong with a pitcher, and used to rave about how great they were.

“But if you just drink normal spirits instead, you’d end up saving money and drinking the same amount of alcohol.”

Depending on the Wetherspoons branch, pitchers cost around £6.99. 

Robert claims a jug contains two double shots of alcohol – with the rest being mixer and ice. 

For anyone sharing, Robert suggested ordering double shots and mixers as a drink instead. 

It will cost around £3.20 each – saving 79p – prices do vary between branches though. 

One item that is a good deal is the unlimited coffee refills for just 99p. 

Robert said while spoons “advertises” the offer, not “a lot of people take advantage” of the deal. 

He suggested it is a good offer for “students wanting to study” as they only have to pay 99p for as many cups as they want. 

The only glitch is having to swap the cup for a clean one every time you want a refill. 

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