With Christmas just a few weeks away, many Britons will already be preparing for the big day. Once all the trimmers are bought, Christmas dinner is one part of the celebrations that can end up costing a fortune. Whether on a budget or just trying to save money, these are the most affordable turkeys this year.


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Aldi – £3.95 per kg

The Fresh British Whole Turkey offers the most turkey for your money this year.

The whole turkey comes with giblets to make gravy and is non-basted allowing budding chefs to do that themselves.

Britons can choose from small (3-4.49kg) medium (4.5-5.99kg), large (6-7.49kg) or extra large (7.5-9kg).

Tesco – £4 per kg

Serving a whopping 15 to 18 people, the Fresh Whole Turkey can be bought for £26.96.

Those having a more intimate meal can get their hands on a smaller version of the turkey for the same price per kg.

Morrison – £4 per kg

The store is offering the Morrisons Whole Turkey which is available at a bargain price starting at just £12.98.

Asda – £4.25 per kg

The supermarket offer this on their Standard Turkey which can serve up to ten people.


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For the reasonable price, shoppers can also get their hands on the Basted Whole Turkey for the same price per kg.

Waitrose – £5 per kg

Although the supermarket chain has a number of pricey turkeys in store, there is one for bargain hunters.

Promising brilliant value, the store offers up the essential Waitrose & Partners Turkey.

The meat dish comes in small (4-6kg), medium (6-8kg) and large (8-9.5kg).

Sainsbury’s – £5.13 per kg

Retailing at £20.50, Sainsbury’s Standard Turkey is the cheapest you can get in store.

To get the best deal, shoppers can order the turkey in the size 4-4.99kg which will serve eight to 10 people.

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