You are probably here because you love your pets, or know someone who treats their animals like their own children (You either know one, or you are one). Maybe you bake your pets their own treats, or maybe you’ve cooked them a meal or two in your Instant Pot. This is a no-judgement zone. 

In the midst of some very important cookie cutter research (Yes, we’re in full holiday cookie mode in October, what of it), I stumbled upon what may be the greatest Etsy listing of all time: Baker’s Street Cutters’ custom pet portrait cookie cutters. 

Imagine, a cookie cutter shaped like your animal, and the possibility of making cookies that look just like your animal. You would be living your best life with what is clearly evidence of a technological zenith. Now, $27 does sound steep for a cookie cutter, but this is a one-of-a-kind baking tool we’re talking about. 


“I personally design each cutter and pay attention to every detail,” says Ivan, the artist. “Before printing I will send you a preview to see and to make any changes to the design if necessary.” You just can’t find that kind of dedication on Amazon. 

And you don’t have to limit yourself to cats and dogs, either. One shopper was delighted with what I can only hope is a cookie cutter rendition of her pet lemur. Ivan is also talented with birds. It’s important to note that these cookie cutters aren’t dishwasher-safe and don’t do well with hot water. But aside from that, they’re pretty darn adorable. 

If you’d rather get a human-inspired cookie cutter, Baker’s Street Cutters has got that too. You can choose from cultural icons like Freddie Mercury and Frida Kahlo, or you can just get one of your face. Remember, no judgment. 

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