Publix Pub Sub

What could beat a Pub Sub? A Pub Sub that only requires traveling from your couch to your door to pick up.

Well, unbeknownst to us, this Pub Sub on-demand dream is a reality, thanks to the same-day grocery delivery service Instacart. To see if you can order from a Publix in your area, simply visit and type in your ZIP Code. If the service is available where you live, once you're registered and have selected your items for purchase, you can select a day and time for your groceries to be delivered. You must have a $10 minimum grocery order if you'd like to have a Pub Sub delivered. (Considering there's no shortage of items we love to stock up on from Publix, that shouldn't be too difficult.)

As it turns out, the Pub Sub delivery option isn't new to the Instacart platform. As Publix spokesperson Brian West told the Tampa Bay Times, the company has used Instacart for the past few years and the subs have been available for order since the launch of the service. "It's true that it's available, but it's not true that it's anything new…I think somebody just realized it. That's all."

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Pub Sub party at our house, friends.

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