While the idea of people having an intense affinity for a particular chip brand feels a bit silly, you have to admit that Zapp’s has cultivated a pretty loyal following. The Utz brand’s Voodoo Chips stand out from the rest of the pack, probably because they manage to pack in so many different types of flavors.

If you simply can’t get enough of that voodoo that they do, you should keep your eyes peeled for a new take on their traditional New Orleans kettle-style chips that’s been added to their roster: Evil Eye.


Evil Eye @realzappschips . . . . Zapps low key drops a new chip with an odd name. What is evil eye even? Well it’s strong with garlic and vinegar. There’s a slight sweetness and slow building mild heat. It’s ok, but it’s hard when it comes to zapps because I’m always comparing to the king, Voodoo Chips. These are just ok. . . . . #zapps #chip #chips #crisps #evileye #vinegar #garlic #spicy #heat #spice #new #wawa #zappschips #snackmurder #tryeverything . . . . Come murder more snacks with me and follow @snackmurder ????DM me if you would like your product reviewed

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According to the bag of these that I just bought, the name comes from the fact that Marie Laveau, a “famous New Orleans Voodoo Queen” was rumored to have an evil eye, which can be described as a malevolent glare that may or may not curse the unfortunate person on the receiving end.

Of course, what really matters with any chip is the taste, and these things don’t disappoint in that area. There’s a certain tangy, zesty quality to them that should be instantly familiar to any Zapp’s fan, but this is no mere retread of the Voodoo Chip. Based on this author’s personal opinion, these fiery-red chips are a little bit sweeter than Voodoo Chips, with a mild heat that makes its presence known without becoming overwhelming. If anything, the flavor profile feels a bit reminiscent of Old Bay seasoning, so New Orleans-style chips should make anyone from the mid-Atlantic feel right at home.

Based on the fact that I found them at my local deli, I’d imagine that you can find Evil Eye at all of the usual places that sell other Zapp’s and Utz chips by now. Hopefully opening up a bag of these won’t curse you with anything worse than a stomach ache that might result from eating them too fast.



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