It’s not everyday that you get a surprise at the drive-thru like the car in front of you paying for your order with no strings attached. This form of paying it forward happens every so often, but at one particular Minnesota Dairy Queen, this random act of kindness spanned over three days and 900 cars.
According to a report by KARE11, it all went down at a Dairy Queen located in Brainerd, MN, and quickly became a community-wide effort. Store manager Tina Jensen told the outlet that one man started the movement on December 3 when he decided to pay for the woman’s order behind him. When she informed the woman of the man’s random act of kindness, she wanted to keep it going.
Jensen told KARE11:
What happened next no one expected: The pay it forward chain went on for three whole days. At the end of the shift on Thursday night, one woman gave $20 to keep it going into the next day.
“Our kitchen crew was like, ‘are we really still going?’ I said, ‘yep, we’re still going,'” Jensen says: “Especially now and how things have been going this year, it definitely helped us here in the store with our crew members,” Jensen explained.
At the end of it all, the Dairy Queen made $10,000 in sales and the kindness spanned over 900 vehicles at the drive-thru. Ultimately, Jensen said, the story shows just how important it is to be kind to your neighbor during this tumultuous year.
“No matter what hard times anyone is going through,” Jensen told the outlet, “just take care of each other, you know, that’s what it is…take care of each other.”

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