There’s no fear quite like hearing one of your parents get home then realizing you forgot to take the meat out of the freezer to defrost before dinner. The scramble to the sink to run warm water over the frozen food is always a last ditch effort but of course a gadget now exists that can defrost your food way quicker and without any hassle.

Blazin’ Thaw
The Blazin’ Thaw is a kitchen tool known as a defrosting tray that can be used to get frozen meats to room temperature for more efficient cooking. Essentially, you’ll remove your food from its packaging and lay it on top of the tray. Then the heat conducting aluminum will help it thaw without using any electricity or microwave power. Of course, the tray also has a non-drip feature so there is no mess on your counter during the process.
Each Blazin’ Thaw tray is easy to use and clean, and the product comes in two sizes—either 14 by eight inches or 16 by eight—so you can order the appropriate size for your household. With hundreds of positive reviews on Amazon, it’s pretty clear that having something like this in your cabinets will help you in the kitchen and can save you from having to figure out last-minute dinner plans when nothing is defrosted.
One reviewer even said that food items can go from frozen solid to totally defrosted in half an hour tops. “What a great way to defrost your food that is really frozen! I tell you it’s like magic, what I did was I placed plastic wrap on the board so that there wouldn’t be a mess. I walked away for at least 30 mins [and] came back to totally defrosted meat!” they wrote. “Before having this product I would have to do any defrosting overnight because it took forever. This product is amazing.”

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