Maars Drinkware 79701-1PK Insulated Coffee Mug

As we enter the chillier months, we’re trading out our iced beverages for the comfort of hot brews. And, no matter if you’re a fan of coffee or tea, finding a mug that keeps those drinks piping hot is key.

But never fear because Amazon shoppers seem to have discovered the go-to cup to keep liquids hot for hours: the Maars Insulated Mug. Not only does the product have an impressive 4.4-star rating, it jumped in popularity by 4,180 percent this week in the retailer’s kitchen department.

To buy: $15;

Made with a double-walled, vacuum-insulated body, the stainless steel mugs feature an additional thermal copper lining for even longer-lasting temperature control. They’ll keep your drinks warm for over three hours (or icy for up to nine if you’re the kind of person who never gives up cold brew). What’s more, it has a BPA-free sealed lid designed with a wide opening for on-the-go sipping.

Nearly 400 customers have rated the Maars Insulated Mugs a perfect five stars, praising how well it keeps their coffee steaming hot.

“This is such a great find,” one user wrote. “Bought this cup over four months ago, use it every day and it still looks like the day I received. The finish is high quality. The lid seal easily but does not leak. Most important is the lid doesn’t feel like a sippy cup, it feels natural to drink out of it. But this is what really blows me away about this cup – it’s very thin rimmed, which I like, but it keeps your hot drink HOT for a very long time. I didn’t realize this until I had fixed myself a cup of coffee and then was called to a four-hour meeting. Over four hours later, when I got back to my desk, my coffee was still pleasantly warm. You will be happy that you purchased this cup, I’m getting more of them.”

Some even said the mugs work as well as the famous YETI drinkware: “This cup is awesome! It is the perfect size, lightweight, and keeps my tea hot for HOURS! I actually like this cup better than my expensive YETI mug! I am buying one for everyone in my family!”

Another added, “This cup has the quality of a Yeti at half the price, and in cuter colors. I've used constantly!”

Available in a dozen different colors, the bright powder-coated finishes are fade-, rust-, and chip-resistant, and even dishwasher-safe. Snag a couple Maars Insulated Mugs as gifts for the holidays, or just pick up one for yourself before the real cold weather hits.

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