After being out of our lives for so long, it seems like all of a sudden Dunkaroos are back and taking over the entire grocery store…not that we’re complaining! Seriously, if you want cookies, cereal, or even yogurt, you can get them from Dunkaroos. And now Betty Crocker is releasing its own Dunkaroos-inspired product that makes total sense: Dunkaroos Icing.
Yep, you can fulfill your childhood dream of eating a whole vat of Dunkaroos icing thanks to this stuff. It’s a whopping 16 ounces of your favorite vanilla icing along with, of course, those iconic rainbow sprinkles you ate mountains of as a kid. Make a batch of cookies or even a giant cookie cake and go to town with this stuff. Like, seriously, the sky is the limit here and it’ll only run you about $1.99.

If that doesn’t strike your fancy, Betty Crocker is cooking up a bunch of other new products including this Reese’s Pieces Surprise Cupcake Kit that’s perfect for spring. It includes chocolate cupcake mix, green frosting, and orange Reese’s Pieces in a carrot pouch that you can use to fill up the cupcake centers so that the candy tumbles out when you bite in. You can also pick up a Giant Cookie Kit which includes sugar cookie mix to make a massive Easter egg-shaped cookie, along with vanilla frosting, chicks, ducks, and bunny-shaped spring sprinkles. Both this and the Reese’s cupcakes will cost roughly five bucks!
And all of those sound lovely…but are we probably just going to eat Dunkaroos icing out of the jar? Probably!! You can expect these all to hit stores within the next few weeks.

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