The Smokehouse flavor of Blue Diamond Almonds may be your favorite of their current line up, but if you’ve been looking for something new to try, the brand is giving you exactly what you need. Announcing a new dedicated line of spicy almonds, the iconic brand is turning up the heat before summer even touches down and I personally do not know what took them so long.
Named Blue Diamond XTREMES, these new almonds are the first dedicated line made with real peppers. Yes, you read that right. They’re made with REAL PEPPERS. The new offering is available in three delicious and super-hot flavors that include Cayenne Pepper (Hot), Ghost Pepper (Hotter), and—the hottest of the all—Carolina Reaper. So, there’s a level of hot for every spice aficionado to fall in love with. How fire is that?!
Guaranteed to take your snacking to the next level, this fiery flavor rush will ease all of your spicy cravings and be the only snack worth talking about during your (socially distant) picnic with friends. And, each serving has 6g of plant protein and is a great source of Vitamin E as well as magnesium. A true win, win if you ask me!
For those interested in giving these a try, you can currently find them at select retailers for $3.49 per 6-oz can. If you can’t find them near you right now, however, don’t you worry. They’ll be available nationwide beginning in June. When you do find them, f you’re up for a challenge on who can eat the most of the Carolina Reaper variety at one time, hit me up. I’m totally ready to claim the crown!
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