While we’re all waiting for 2020 to be over, it looks like one of our favorite fast-food chains is already working on a new look for 2021. Burger King will be rolling out a new restaurant design in select locations next year and they include curbside delivery, burger conveyer belts, and pick-up lockers.
The new restaurant concepts were created by Restaurant Brands International’s in-house design group and looks like something out of the future. For one, no matter how you get your food and where you want to eat it, it will be easier. In one design, guests can pull into a special parking spot, make an order on the Burger King app, and scan a QR code at their parking spot to have their food delivered right to their car. They can also place an order in advance and be able to let the restaurant know when they arrive for curbside pick-up.
If you want to stretch your legs a little, you can also choose to pick up your Whopper at pick-up lockers or eat in one of the shaded patio seats. Another design, which is made for urban areas, sees a triple drive-thru with a suspended kitchen where team members will send food down to cars via a conveyer belt. We are truly living in the future.
Additionally, the restaurant blueprints focus on sustainability, making a physical footprint that is 60 percent smaller than a traditional Burger King. For now, don’t expect every location to look like this: The company plans to build these next year in Miami, Latin America, and the Caribbean. You can see additional photos of the design via Business Insider here.

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