Although you may call chicken nuggets the perfect lunch, you are, in my opinion, not dreaming big enough. Chicken nuggets can be a perfect snack, breakfast, dinner, or whatever you’d like…especially if they cost you less than $2. Luckily, you can get exactly that from Burger King right now.
The chain (which just got a very chic new rebrand, in case you haven’t seen!) is offering a very sweet—or, I guess spicy?—deal on its chicken nuggets right now, according to ChewBoom. Starting today, you can get a 10-piece chicken nugget from Burger King for $1.49. This includes both their classic chicken nuggets as well as the spicy kind, depending on how you’re feeling that day.
This deal, of course, also includes your choice of dipping sauce, which includes BBQ, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Zesty, Buffalo, and Sweet & Sour. I personally would pair Ranch with the spicy and, um, Ranch with the original too. But also you can’t go wrong with Zesty! Oh, or Honey Mustard. Yum. Point is, no matter which sauce and nuggets combo you pick, they’ll be delicious and cheap. These are the only two qualities that matter.
If listening to all that nugget talk has made you hungry well, friend, me too! Let’s go get some lunch, shall we? But we should probably get a move on because this deal will only be available at participating Burger King locations for a limited time. The good things always are, aren’t they?!

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