Chipotle has been making this year every so slightly better by sharing some of their most popular recipes on TikTok. We’ve seen how they make their guacamole, cilantro lime rice, and corn salsa, and now they’ve shared the secret to making their crunchy tortilla chips.
No Chipotle order is complete without a side of tortilla chips to help you scoop up the remains of your burrito bowl. Thankfully, the chips are insanely easy to make according to a TikTok video posted by Chipotle earlier this week.
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All you need to get it done are limes, flaky salt, and corn tortillas. You’ll start by cutting up your corn tortillas into quarters so that they’re in a chip shape, then you’ll fry them in oil for about 50 seconds so that they can crisp up. Once they’re fried, add them to a mixing bowl and juice one half of a lime on top, then “liberally” add salt. Toss them once in the bowl and juice the other half of the lime and add more salt and voilà you’re all set.
It’s really that simple. And if you happen to be having a burrito bowl night at home, chances are you already have these ingredients at your house to recreate the Chipotle favorite. Chipotle’s TikTok has 1.3 million followers at the moment, and they’re constantly replying back to comments asking for their recipes. So if there’s something you want to make at home you may be able to comment on their videos and hope they reply. While you wait for their response, feel free to try out our copycat chicken recipe to hold you over.

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