Chrissy Teigen shared a Twitter thread in support of normalizing new parents giving their babies formula and said she wants to take away some of the pressure that comes with formula feeding versus breast feeding.
The Cravings author began her Twitter thread by stating her thesis simply: “Normalize formula.”
ok I’m gonna say something and you all are definitely gonna make it a thing but here goes: normalize formula.
She went on to explain that though she loves that breastfeeding has become normalized, there are many different situations that can prevent new parents from breastfeeding their children, such as using surrogates, a lack of milk, or just general struggles or discomfort with breastfeeding.
“Normalize breastfeeding is such a huge, wonderful thing. But I absolutely felt way more shame having to use formula because of lack of milk from depression and whatnot,” Chrissy shared.
Chrissy went on to share her experiences with pumping and breastfeeding and the shame that she felt when it wasn’t working out.
“I remember pumping my ASS OFF, [on the] highest mode, so often, because I didn’t trust milk was going into their mouthes if I breastfed. It drove me mad to the point I could only get an ounce. An ounce!” she wrote.
She concluded by saying that she is speaking out because she remembers the frustration she felt at the time and wants to comfort other moms who might be going through the same thing: “The stress of it, combined with the guilt that you cannot do nature’s most natural thing for your own baby is too much. I dunno why this is my crusade now. I just remember the sadness I felt and want you to know you are doing it right if your baby is fed, mama.”

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