The wine advent calendar is available every year, but it seems it has hit Costco aisles sooner than usual. @Costcobuys posted photos of the product sent in by a follower who found them at their Costco located in Arizona. The availability might be regional at the moment, but this is a good sign that the calendar is indeed coming back this year…even if it takes some time for it to roll out nationwide.
Each calendar features 24 half-bottles of wine for you to open throughout the month of December for all different reasons. The packaging even notes that the bottles offer a “journey from coast to mountain and every corner in between,” so you can rest assured that there are a lot of different flavors to try.
Photos of the back of the calendar show a list of all of the wines, and bottles come from France, Italy, Argentina, Bulgaria, and more. Basically, this is the cheapest way to drink around the world without having to ever hop on a plane.
At the Arizona Costco location the calendar costs right around $100, so it’s likely all locations will follow suit with a similar price point. For the sheer amount and variety of wine you’re getting, it’s quite the deal.

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