Beer pong, unlike most drinking games, is something that doesn’t actually require any drinking at all. Think about it: How many times have you actually played by chugging beer from the actual cups you put a dirty ping pong ball in? …Ew! And though the classic game is great, if you’re looking for something even more fun, this family-friendly twist just might be your answer.
Unlike your classic game, Deer Pong is a bit more high-tech. This one features a fellow by the name of “Bucky the Stag” whose antlers are adorned with cups. Each team gets a side and tries to fill all their cups with ping pong balls first. This is all while our good friend Bucky trash talks you and so probably does the other team.

Deer Pong Game
The game is encouraged for players eight and up, but according to the comments on the Walmart website, people of all ages are big fans of this game, especially when spending more time at home: “We set this up for kids to play at a neighborhood gathering. It was easy to set up, make sure you click the cups in or they will be flying everywhere. After a while the adults were joining the kids playing and having just as much fun,” one person commented.
“Deer Pong will take you back memory way, back to your college days when beer pong was a must at all the [parties], lol This is of course a clean no beer involved family game but oh man still so much fun. Even my 4 year old loves it,” another said.
Deer Pong is just under $20 and available online so if you’re sick of picking up red cups, this might just be something to add to cart.

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