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A food processor is just like having a personal sous chef ready and waiting for the toughest kitchen tasks. It’ll help you quickly chop, shred, grind, and slice everything from hard nuts to soft cheeses, or pulse and blend smooth-as-heck sauces and dips. And with all the cooking and baking around this time of year, it’s all hands (so to speak) on deck.

Luckily, there are machines like Breville’s Sous Chef 16 Pro. Its heavy-duty 1,200-watt motor can easily transform nuts into velvety butter or beans into delicious dips, while its micro-serrated S-Blade swiftly chops and mixes all sorts of ingredients, including dough. Plus it features an adjustable slicing disk that varies from paper-thin 0.3 millimeters to hearty 8.0 millimeter slices.

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And right now, you can get your own for 43 percent off.

To buy: $285 (originally $500);

This food processor is truly a workhorse, which is why it was our professional-level pick when we combed through thousands of user reviews to find the best food processors. On Amazon, the Breville Sous Chef Pro is so popular it earned an impressive 4.5-star rating with more than 1,100 reviews from home cooks and actual chefs alike.

“I was a food professional for over forty years, so I know my way around the kitchen,” wrote a reviewer. “But this Breville! What I most appreciate is the thinking that went into the design of this food processor…one grating blade has two sizes…one slicing blade can be adjusted for thickness—that's invaluable. The huge capacity (even though there are just two of us) is so helpful, and the mini-bowl means I don't have to pull out and fuss with my Cuisinart Smart Stick chopper.”

Another reviewer added how well-designed the machine is: “The designers have thought of everything with this. The small work bowl, which sits inside the large bowl is curved at the top which eliminates any food or liquid from getting into the large bowl. The dials, which light up are so easy to press, and the timer times down if you set it, or counts up if you don't put a setting into it.”

And we all know the importance of a speedy cleanup (especially when our personal sous chef can’t wash dishes), so it’s worth noting the Breville is dishwasher-safe.

“What makes this decision a no-brainer is that the Breville is so simple to clean,” a user wrote. “Many of the parts are dishwasher-safe for both, but the lid for the Cuisinart has so many tiny nooks and crannies that it seemed it was taking more time to clean the lid than it did to make the meal. The Breville lid is completely smooth and a snap to clean.”

Given how powerful and well-designed the Breville Sous Chef 16 Pro is, it’s unsurprisingly an investment. But while the machine typically retails for $500, right now you can snag one of your own for just $285. There’s no telling how long this 43 percent discount will last, though. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty workhorse to help out with holiday entertaining, or the perfect gift for a person who loves being in the kitchen, you won’t regret purchasing.

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