IDK about everyone else, but I’m back on my stress baking grind. Seriously—it’s psychologically proven to help you relieve stress plus you get to enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the process, so why not flex your skills in the kitchen? For those that love to bake, choosing ingredients often depends on what you’re making and your own dietary preferences and to help out with that Ghirardelli launched two new low-sugar chocolate chip options.
Whether you’re following a specific diet or simply want to monitor your sugar intake a bit, dietary restrictions don’t have to completely derail how you enjoy dessert. Substituting your normal chocolate chips with a lower sugar option is an easy way to make a healthier choice. You could even start by adding in half low-sugar with half of your typical chocolate chips to see what you like.
To make these low-sugar options, Ghirardelli used a high percentage of cacao in the chocolate chips. The low-sugar chips include 72 percent cacao and taste like dark chocolate, still with a bit of sweetness to offset the flavor. Ghirardelli also formulated no sugar added chocolate chips that are 100 percent cacao and are completely unsweetened. These chocolate chips are all new to the Ghirardelli line up and will open up a world of low-sugar baked goods you can make. Of course you should keep in mind that if you want to make your treat completely sugar free you’ll have to use a sugar alternative like Stevia as well. Happy baking!

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