Raise your Negronis in honor of Stanley Tucci, because the award-winning actor and national treasure is working on a new food memoir called Taste: My Life Through Food, People reports.

The Tucci Cookbook
In the book, Stanley will share his “experiences and love of all things culinary,” according to a statement shared with the outlet. It will be published by Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster, and will include everything from Stanley’s food-related memories growing up to his experiences preparing for food-focused films like Julie & Julia. He’ll also get into what he cooks up at home with his wife Felicity Blunt. Will there be a section dedicated to his at-home cocktail-making skills to accompany his viral Instagram videos? We can only hope! No matter what, we’ll surely get anecdotes to obsess over.
While no release date for the book has been announced, you can get your Stanley fix through his Instagram,his2012 cookbook The Tucci Cookbook, and his 2014 cookbook The Tucci Table in the meantime. If you already have those cookbooks, it’s time to break them out once again in anticipation of his memoir. If you haven’t had the pleasure, the cookbooks are both available on Amazon in both hardcover, paperback, and kindle options.
I have no doubt this book will be entertaining to consume at the very least. We’ve been able to count on Stan for a bit of relief not only this year but also in years past. We must protect and support this man at all cost!

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