Food delivery services have been a saving grace for many these past few months, and HelloFresh is a fan-favorite when it comes to getting ingredients and recipes sent straight to your door. The brand is always switching up their menus so customers never get tired, and they recently announced they’ll be adding a Dunkaroos cookie option to their dessert offerings.
HelloFresh is a top-rated meal delivery kit that sends exactly the right amount of ingredients to your door in packaging that guarantees freshness once it gets to you. Each box comes with a recipe card to follow so you know how to prepare your food, and the pricing ranges depending on how many meals and what serving sizes you order. Whenever you order your meals you can add on any “extras” you want, which is where the Dunkaroos cookie dough will be available.
Rather than having to put the dough together yourself, the new Betty Crocker ready-made Dunkaroos frozen sugar cookie dough that comes with confetti icing will come in your box when you opt in. Along with the Dunkaroos dough, HelloFresh is also rotating the cookie dough extras weekly to include Lucky Charms cookie dough and Pillsbury Snowman sugar cookies in the lineup.
All of the cookie doughs are only available for a limited time so you should act fast if you’re already a HelloFresh user or if you want to sign up as a first-time user. Keep in mind you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time if you’re not ready to make a recurring commitment, but trust that once you try it out, HelloFresh will become your new obsession.

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